5 Kg Freilandhaltung Iberico Schinken – 100% natürlich gereift

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5 Kg Freilandhaltung Iberico Schinken aus Spanien, 100% natürlich gereift – Ein echtes spanisches Gourmet-Erlebnis, das Sie mit Ihren Lieben teilen können


Merkmale und Spezifikationen

⭐  FREILANDHALTUNG IBERICO SCHINKEN Schulter aus Guijuelo, Spanien. Natürlich in Dehesas aufgewachsen, einem einzigartigen Land, das reich an Eichen ist und den Eicheln, die Iberico-Schweinen lieben!

⭐  18+ Monate lang gereift.

⭐  Gewicht: 5 Kg.

⭐  ZUTATEN: Iberico-Schinkenschulter und Meersalz. 100% natürlich

⭐  GESCHMACKSHINWEISE: Ausgeprägtes Aroma und Textur mit anhaltendem Nachgeschmack. Leichte Aromen von Eicheln und ein eleganter salziger Touch. Rötlicher Schnitt. Die Iberico-Schinkenschulter ist aufgrund ihrer Größe und ihres Geschmacks DIE BELIEBTESTE JAMON IN SPANISCHEN FAMILIEN.

⭐  Kostenloser Versand nach Deutschland. Die Lieferzeit beträgt 3 bis 5 Tage.

Bevor Sie Kaufen

Es ist wichtig, beim Kauf den ganzen Iberico-Schinken zu verstehen. Schinkenschultern ergeben im Allgemeinen 40%. Das bedeutet, dass Sie mit 1,7 bis 2 kg rechnen können. von Schinkenscheiben aus diesem Bein, wenn es richtig geschnitten wird. Alles andere ist Fett und Knochen. Auch Iberico-Schinken sind zu 50% oder 75% Iberico-Rasse. Nur Black Labels sind 100% Iberico-Rasse, auch bekannt als Pata Negra. Dies ist jedoch keine wirklich wichtige Eigenschaft für das Endprodukt, da es auf die Lebensweise des Tieres, seine Ernährung und den Zeitpunkt der Kuration ankommt. Sobald Ihr Schinken angekommen ist, entfernen Sie alle Verpackungen und bewahren Sie ihn bei Raumtemperatur auf. Er hält ein weiteres Jahr! Nach dem Öffnen ist es weitere 45 Tage haltbar, bevor es trockener wird. Decken Sie die Oberfläche bei Nichtgebrauch einfach mit Frischhaltefolie ab. Ich hoffe das hilft!

10 Bewertungen für 5 Kg Freilandhaltung Iberico Schinken – 100% natürlich gereift

  1. Jessie

    The ham was amazing, a real treat for Christmas, thank you

  2. clementina elphinstone

    Wonderful ham and incredible service – can’t recommend Black Hoof enough! Cant wait to purchase another!

  3. Reme Aldana Lopez

    An amazing wonderful surprise!! I know about jamones a lot as I worked in markets a big part of my life buying and saling jamones and this jamón is very very good!! It’s recebo, but honestly it tastes like a 100% bellota, love it!! Muchas gracias 🙂

  4. David

    Awesome jamon. Taste is very special a real treat.

  5. Seb

    Great ham although impossible to cut ended up throwing most of it away

  6. Jason

    Easily the best leg I’ve bought in UK. Very flavoursome, plenty of meat, arrived quickly. It’s getting demolished very quickly on lock down 🙂 ideal. Thank you!

  7. Alex

    Ham is just amazing, I would recommend it to my friends and for sure I became a regular customer. Despite the issues with the delivery service I had plenty of support from Carlos which sorted everything in the end. If thinking to bring a taste of Spain in your home then for sure this is the right choice, don’t delay it just get it and enjoy the real taste of Spanish ham.

  8. George Gee

    Well i was not impressed really i bought my whole ham…then received an offer of free ham with my next order..the offer expired the next day i got mine!!!!…i sent an email sayong this…but nobody bothered to reply to me….nice one!!!….i would have thought that it would be incuded with my order….for that reason alone,i will be buying elsewhere next time…. from another supplier….good customer service????….dont think so do you???

  9. PaulM

    For many years I’ve been buying a Christmas ham in Spain gradually moving up the quality scale.

    Always Paleta, in recent years Pata Negra and, since we stayed around Jabugo and walked in the hills with the characterful pigs running around the olive groves I look for word Bellota (acorn). Acorns are sometimes included in the pigs’ diet for a period of months before slaughter. In the lanes around Jabugo you occassionally see elderly people walking around the countryside with a basket to gather acorns. Acorns are said to give the ham an improved flavour and a subtle sweetness. Cebo on the other hand implies grain fed pigs kept in a more intensive faming environment.

    After much research about buying online directly from Spain or from the UK I decided that The Black Hoof offers reasonable value so I bought one of these two months ago.

    The flavour is excellent. I have never had the luxury of having several hams at once to compare, but as far as i can tell this matches some of the finer hams I have bought in the past and is a world away from the serrano ham more commonly available. The Black Hoof have a good supply and I will come here again!

  10. PatM

    Obviously not cheap, but having tasted it, it is worth more than 4x the cheap ones.

    I’ve tried the supermarket ‘bargain’ legs twice in an attempt to recreate the experience of regular jamon tapas when on holiday in Spain.
    While it gave me a chance to practise carving, the Serrano (regular pig) versions (from “Lid-ldi”) tastes mostly of rather bland cured ham with overpowering saltiness.

    I ordered from Black Hoof the slightly smaller front leg (paleta) from a 50% Iberico pig.
    It arrived in 2 days.
    The flavour is genuinely delightful.
    My wife was wary of spending over £100 on this – I cut a slice and said
    “4 of the supermarket ones – or one like this?”
    She said “No doubt – one like this!”
    And that was about the outer few slices – it can only get better.

    We have tasted “5J” Bellota in Jabugo town – this is only 50% Iberico-bred pig, but it brings back those memories.

    If you don’t like the idea of a whole leg/shoulder to carve, order one of their boneless packs.

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